Nuxt Now UI Kit PRO

Nuxt Now UI Kit PRO

Premium Bootstrap Vue.js Ui Kit


Premium Support
6 months Updates
Release: 3 months ago
Update: 3 months ago

1000 Handcrafted Elements

8 Customized Plugins

11 Example Pages

Bootstrap Based


Fully Responsive

Product certified by: Creative Tim

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14 days ago

What makes this useful for a SaaS app?

  • owner

Hello @brewstermmc You could use it to build landing pages to present your SaaS, blog posts, present your team and so on. There are some examples pages for profiles, leaving comments, ecommerce and more. It really depends on the SaaS but you can use this template to quickly develop and present your SaaS as well as built the features on top of it.
10 days ago

adira 7 days ago

hello, very very nice theme! i'm super interested!. few questions before buying though: 1. is this theme still updated? seems like last update 3 months ago. 2. what does it mean by '6 months updates' as stated in the description above? Does it mean after purchase, I only can update for 6 months? After that need to buy again? 3. How many navbar variants do you have? Do you have navbar with logo in the middle? 4. will the preview website included? (it's beautiful!) 5. can I mix and match it with other bootstrap theme? 6. i'm interested with Nuxt Argon as well, does it have a bundle? thanks bunches!


sorry the comment formatting just went wrong doesn't add new lines..hope it's still readable
7 days ago

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