Vue Paper Dashboard 2 PRO

Vue Paper Dashboard 2 PRO

Premium Bootstrap Vue.js Admin Template
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Update: 4 months ago

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1 month ago

@cristi.jora How do I change the background color of the login page? It references the below: <!-- you can change the color of the filter page using: data-color="blue | azure | green | orange | red | purple" --> What is the "filter page"?

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1 month ago

Thank you for this theme. It is really well written.

id19921992 12 days ago

Hi, I'm use your theme. I have one question. how can i show validation error message under e-select tag? I can show error message about fg-input, but i wanna show el tag error. please help.

pyz 12 days ago

Hey guys! Where I Can find timeline documentation?

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