7+ Premium Tailwind CSS Resources for Web Developers [2022]

As a pretty young, utility-first CSS framework, Tailwind CSS has rapidly become popular among developers. Since its first release (1st Nov 2017), the framework has seen 43 releases and had been installed 1.4+ million times.

Tailwind CSS is indeed an amazing front-end solution for web developers, especially for developers who want to implement custom & unique designs for their projects. We all know that, generally speaking, all the Bootstrap-based websites look pretty much the same.

Below, we continue the trend from the last article in which we presented 10+ free resources for web devs who are using Tailwind CSS. Now, we are showcasing 7+ resources that are premium, high-quality, and you can definitely use them in your projects!

Let's see:

Soft UI Dashboard PRO Tailwind

soft ui dashboard pro tailwind

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Soft UI Dashboard PRO Tailwind is our newest admin template based on the most popular utility-first CSS framework, Tailwind CSS. It has a beautiful design with innovative elements and a large number of fully coded components that will help you speed up your development.

✅ 300+ fully coded elements
✅ 55 example pages

Price: starting from $59

Soft UI Flowbite PRO

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Soft UI Flowbite PRO is an innovative admin template based on TailwindCSS, Flowbite, and HTML. If you like the look & feel of the hottest design trends right now, you will definitely fall in love with this dashboard!

✅ 100+ fully coded elements
✅ 20 example pages

Price: starting from $69

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Notus Design System PRO

notus tailwind css

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Notus Design System PRO is a premium UI Kit and Admin components library for Tailwind CSS. It features multiple components for different projects, such as Presentation websites, Blog websites, E-Commerce website platforms, and Admin Dashboard websites. It also features components for authentication and error handling.

✅ 370+ fully coded elements
✅ 13 example pages

Price: starting from $69

10+ Free Tailwind CSS Templates & Resources for 2022

Horizon UI PRO Tailwind CSS React

horizon pro tailwind

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Save hundreds of hours trying to create a web app from scratch. The world’s fastest, most responsive & trendiest admin template is here. Improve your development process with a set of 400+ front-end UI elements/components & more than 44+ ready to use pages.

✅ 400+ fully coded elements
✅ 44+ example pages

Price: starting from $69

SaaS Blocks

saas blocks tailwind css

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SaaS Blocks is a Tailwind CSS UI Kit that includes components, blocks, and themes that are specially designed for SaaS companies. If you are looking to differentiate yourself from the original Tailwind styles, this is the product for you.

✅ 110+ blocks
✅ Light & dark mode

Price: starting from $69

Material Tailwind - New Framework for Web Developers

Crator Studio

crator studio template tailwind

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Creator Studio is a modern & dark Agency HTML theme built on top of the latest Tailwind CSS 3.0 framework. It includes all of the needed features to create a beautiful and incredibly fast and responsive creative agency & portfolio website.

✅ 23 components
✅ 6 example pages

Price: $29

Tailwind UI Kit

tailwind ui kit

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TUK is the Biggest Tailwind UI Library with 1000+ components and 30 templates. Build captivating experiences with its accessible, fully responsive, drop-in-ready components and fast track your workflow

✅ Web app UI Kit
✅ Marketing UI Kit
✅ Ecommerce UI Kit

Price: starting from $49


prototyping kit tailwind css

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WindyBlocks is an awesome prototyping kit for Tailwind CSS. All its components are designed in the same minimalist style and provide a clean and consistent look and feel.

✅ 235 components
✅ 10+ example pages

Price: starting from $59

Final Thoughts

Professionally crafted templates that are usually paid and have lots of pages and components can take your project to a higher level. So it is extremely important to choose them carefully. I hope our list will help you in the research for the perfect tools.

Thank you for reading! Happy Coding 🖥 ⌨️ 🤓