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  • downloaded
9 days ago

Hi @dragosct Is there a sample that combines prepend item textboxes with validation? Example, if you go to your sample register page You have texboxes with the icons prepended. I would like to use those however they don't seem to work properly with validation, is there a way to combine the two?

  • owner

Hi, @rubixxcube ! Can you tell us which problems do you have when you want to use the validation with the prepended input forms? Regards, Dragos
8 days ago

  • downloaded
8 days ago

The problem using the validation was that after the field was validated additional space was being added below the field, in experimenting i came to realize that you need to update the setFormValidation function to look for the closes input group instead of form-group: $(element).closest('.input-group')

  • owner

Hi! Ok, yes you're right. We will add this to the next update. Regards, Dragos
7 days ago

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