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What is in Demo?
  • Components · 50
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  • Examples Pages · 3
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What is in PRO Version?
  • Components · 1000
  • Plugins · 7
  • Example Pages · 11
  • + Documentation
  • + SASS Files
  • + Photoshop Files
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  • downloaded
1 month ago

Hey, I have the problem when using the Datetimepicker that it is not closed automatically. The problem only occurs under iOS. Only when I close the keyboard does the Datetimepicker disappear. How can I add a close button (or is there an alternative solution to my problem). Unfortunately I couldn't find anything. You can also observe the behavior very well in the demo. BR

  • owner

Hi, @dagjan ! Thank you for using our products. This is not a problem related to us because this issue it's from the datetimepicker plugin and I found for you a solution on this link on their repository Regards, Dragos
1 month ago

empowerda7os 1 month ago

Hello! Before buying this template I would like to know if it has an Admin user available to log in to the page and create a Blog Post without going to the HTML. I really require this since my client is the one that will be posting into the blog but doesn't have any knowledge in this area.

  • owner

Hi, @empowerda7os ! Thank you for your interest in our products. I think you want the product to have also the backend behind but unfortunately we don't backend implemented in our products yet. We will do this in the next future. The blog post and blog posts pages are ready to use. Regards, Dragos
1 month ago

adrianah8 1 month ago

Will you be offering a sketch file with sketch symbols and components and libraries for all current and future projects? I downloaded the sketch file but did not see the components or pieces setup as symbols. Does the Pro version have a proper symbol and systems lis of objects?

  • owner

Hi, @adrianah8 ! Thank you for using our products. At this moment these features are not included, our team is working to implement this, so in a couple days maybe this will be available. Regards, Dragos
1 month ago

bahn33 23 days ago

This is Jinkwon Choi who is working for NSTYLE TOUR. I bought your bootstrap theme, Now UI Kit PRO – Premium Bootstrap 4 Web Kit through the website I applied theme to our homepage The theme worked well first, but I found some components like carousel, drop down menu are not working properly now. I think you have blocked our website. As I told you, I bought your theme with license. Could you please check it? I hope the theme is working properly as soon as possible.

anthonyo21 4 days ago

Hey all, my Now UI Kit PRO has been working excellent with faults for months. However, I'm having a strange error regarding cards on a the home page for my client. The cards are all of the sudden completely grayed/translucent blacked out and the content within them is no longer accessible. Please help! Thanks.

  • owner

Hi, @anthonyo21 ! Thank you for using our products and sorry for the late response. Please, can you tell us if you bought the product with another email? Regards, Dragos
1 day ago

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