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Nuxt Argon Dashboard 2 PRO Laravel

Nuxt Argon Dashboard 2 PRO Laravel

Full stack app with Nuxt3 frontend and fully coded API-powered Laravel backend.

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Nuxt Argon Dashboard 2 PRO Laravel

Product description

Nuxt Argon Dashboard 2 PRO Laravel combines a fresh, new Argon inspired design with Nuxt3 and an API-powered Laravel backend. In short, it's the perfect full stack solution we built together with UPDIVISION to help developers write less code and launch their app faster.

The look & feel is based on the Argon design system, which combines striking colors, spacious cards and beautiful typography in a user-friendly interface. Add in Nuxt3 and Laravel, one of the most versatile PHP frameworks, and you've got the perfect starter pack for building web apps.

Awesome design out of the box

With Nuxt Argon Dashboard 2 PRO Laravel you don't have to worry about design, because it comes out of the box with:

  • 200 handcrafted Bootstrap 5 UI components which you can easily customize
  • 14 customized plugins for any additional functionality you might need
  • 50 example pages to help you build anything from landing pages to ecommerce. Show your clients a quick prototype or just use them as inspiration.

Fully coded, API-powered Laravel backend

Nuxt Argon Dashboard 2 PRO Laravel covers all the basic CRUDs you would need in an admin panel, such as: role-based authentication system, register, password reset, user management and user profile editing features, CRUDs for managing roles, categories, tags and items.

Behind the curtains, everything goes through an API, which allows for a high degree of standardization. The API does all the heavy lifting, so you can:

  • speed up development by working on your frontend and backend at the same time, without bottlenecks.
  • stop arguing about how your responses should be formatted. By following JSON:API standards we make sure you never get an array when you're expecting a string.
  • have everything look amazing, regardless of what you are working on. The API backend is reusable across devices. .

How is JSON:API different?

We also included detailed documentation for every component and feature so you can easily find everything you need, from setup to file structure and frontend assets.

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Nuxt Argon Dashboard 2 PRO Laravel - Fully Coded and Responsive HTML5
Nuxt Argon Dashboard 2 PRO Laravel - Sass Files for Professional Front End Developers
Nuxt Argon Dashboard 2 PRO Laravel - Sketch Files for Professional Designers
Nuxt Argon Dashboard 2 PRO Laravel - Crafted with Bootstrap - the most popular Front End Framework
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Nuxt Argon Dashboard 2 PRO Laravel - Fully Coded Laravel
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Learn more about Nuxt Argon Dashboard 2 PRO Laravel in the light demo version. It has features from the full version. We hope you will like this introduction to this product!

What is in Demo? What is in PRO Version?
Elements 100 200
Plugins 3 14
Examples Pages 7 50
Full Coded
SASS Files
Designer Files
Premium Support

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