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yahia.elkanzi 3 months ago

Dear axelut , i would like to know how to use the data table with GridViews , small guid will help a lot . Thanks .


@yahia.elkanzi thank you for using our product. Unfortunately, we don't have experience with but we found this answer: Hope this helps. Best, Alex!
3 months ago

alex.kojin 3 months ago

How do you use Jquery UI? I'm planning to remove it from my assets but not sure about dependencies.

u5400344 3 months ago

Hi @axelut , I really like this theme and am willing to buy. I have a couple of queries: - Firstly, would there be any issues if this is converted to angularjs. - Can Bootstrap 4 be plugged in. If not do you have a recommendation for a native HTML version with bootstrap 4. Thanks


@u5400344 thank you for your interest in working with our product. Sincerely, we never used AngularJS, we started working directly with Angular2+ and we built MD Pro Angular ( From what I know the structure is different but it should be a problem to add it in AngularJS. For the Bootstrap4, we are working on the official version and hopefully we will release it till the end of this month. Hope this information helps. Best, Alex!
3 months ago

  • downloaded
3 months ago

Hi, We have purchased this template and would like to ask why the events on the full calendar like click and open popup is not working on mobile and table view? Its working fine on laptop and desktop but when we check on mobile, i Pad or even responsive mode of browser I can get popup on clicking on full calendar date. Please give the solution as soon as possible. Thank you.

  • owner

Hi, @mayur.lohite24b ! I think you give us an email on the support platform and I already answered you. Please answer to my email from support platform. Regards, Dragos
3 months ago

isislukasferreira 3 months ago

Hi @axelut, I've loved this product, but I want to know the possibility to incorporate some of the features on it into yours React's template. Thanks.


@isislukasferreira thank you for the kind words. There is a version of Material Kit on React: but it wasn't officially released. We are working on LBD Pro React at this moment and we will release it this week. Then we will start to convert other products to React. Hope this information helps. Best, Alex!
3 months ago

yahia.elkanzi 3 months ago

Dear @axelut, How can i disable the image card animation from being broken , i can see you are using a button(btn btn-danger btn-simple fix-broken-card) to fix it , but i want to disable it if possible . please help . Yahia


@yahia.elkanzi please check assets/js/material-dashboard.js and set the variable: var breakCards = false; Best, Alex!
3 months ago

farhad.aghababaei 3 months ago

Hi, How can i disable DataTable default ordering?


@farhad.aghababaei please check this example from the official documentation: Best, Alex!
3 months ago

sistemas.xcentry 2 months ago

Hola axelut,, como estas, tenia una consulta... funciona con ruby on rails y si si funciona tienes algun ejemplo de implementacion. gracias

robin.leysen 2 months ago

Hello @axelut, does this dashboard theme have all styles and components for non-admin/regular pages as well? Or would I need the Material Kit Pro in addition to this one?

robin.leysen 2 months ago

Just read your extensive answer to this question over on the Material Kit page ;) Got it, admin side and user side are two different kits.


@robin.leysen yes, they are coming as 2 separate products and it's better to be used like that, hope the reasons for having them like that makes sense for you too. Please let us know if we can give any other details. Best, Alex!
2 months ago

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Design Quality

I love this template! I've combined the SCSS files for this and the Material Kit Pro within my Rails project and its gorgeous! Can't wait for the BS4 version so I can update both templates for my project. Keep up the great work!

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