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deniknugr 2 months ago

great design, but I see that scroll bar not working like Material Dashboard Pro angular2 version or like Light Bootstrap Pro version


@deniknugr thank you for the kind words. Can you please give us more details about what is not working? Then we will do some more tests to identify the problem. Best, Alex!
2 months ago

jasondoggart 2 months ago

Hey - love the theme. Wondering if it's possible to have the sidebar load automatically minimized to just the icons? Thanks!


@jasondoggart thank you for the kind words! Yes, you can do that by adding the class "sidebar-mini" to the body tag of the page. Hope this helps. Best, Alex!
2 months ago

wallace.gomesdasilva 2 months ago

Hello, I'd like to know if buying the "HTML + PSD Personal License" is it possible to upgrade to "HTML + PSD Developer License", paying only the difference in value?


@wallace.gomesdasilva yes, you can always upgrade to Developer. You just need to let us know and we will create a special coupon for you. Best, Alex!
2 months ago

priyanka.ranasinghe 2 months ago

Hi, All ready purchased the Material Dashboard Pro. Love the theme. I tried to reduce height of the Datatable rows, but it not worked. please help me to fixed this issue.


@priyanka.ranasinghe thank you for using our product. Please check the official documentation about dynamic heights and scroll inside the table: Hope this helps. Best, Alex!
2 months ago

jariwbhwd7 2 months ago

I am trying configure this summer note editor but isn't working. please help me how to configure this plugin into angularjs with our theme ( material-dashboard-pro ).


@jariwbhwd7 we responded to the support request. Please reply there. Best, Alex!
2 months ago

chimera 2 months ago

Hi, i am thinkink about to buy this nice template. But i have one question before. Does your template can display Horizontal FAB like Materialize? What i want to achieve is that the buttons pops out when i hover it. Thx in advance Thomas


@chimera thank you for your interest in working with our products. Unfortunately, we don't have that effect at this moment. We will check and see if we can add it in a future update. Please let us know if we can help with any other information. Best, Alex!
2 months ago

Артём.Береговой 2 months ago

Hello! We want to buy this topic today. Is there a version of this theme on Bootstrap 4? If not, when is it planned?


Thank you for your interest in working with our product. We have in plan to release BS4 on Beta2 at the end of November. Hope this helps. Best, Alex!
2 months ago

  • downloaded
2 months ago

Is it possible to trigger button's <div class="ripple-container"></div> with jQuery? (not actual mouse click)


@alexjzv thank you for using our product. Unfortunately, that is not possible, the ripples are working only on click. Hope this information helps. Best, Alex!
2 months ago

asma.khan 2 months ago

Planning to buy Developer License. Is it a one-time payment?


@asma.khan thank you for your interest in working with our product. We just responded to your email too. Yes, it is a 1-time payment. Hope this helps. Best, Alex!
2 months ago

izleklip 2 months ago

Hello, I would like to buy the developer version, can you please make an offer for me and what about bootstrap 4 ? Do you have a html version of this : Regards


@izleklip thank you for your interest in working with our products and sorry for the late response. I've checked and it seems you already purchased. I added some credits on your account which you can use to get 50% off on your second purchase. Yes, we have the HTML version and can be found here: Hope this helps. Best, Alex!
2 months ago

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Design Quality

I love this template! I've combined the SCSS files for this and the Material Kit Pro within my Rails project and its gorgeous! Can't wait for the BS4 version so I can update both templates for my project. Keep up the great work!

Design Quality