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Vue Now UI Dashboard PRO

Premium Bootstrap 4 Vuejs Admin Template


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Release: 1 month ago
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singhkingsea 8 days ago

To clarify - the dynamic site will be built in Vue.js

shanekenyon 8 days ago

Hi there. This looks amazing! We have gone down a path to implement VUE with SSR using NUXT. We also have built our development environment out using that assumption (i.e. this template nuxt-community/express-template). So the question I have is can we use your Dashboard as is? If not, is this something you'd have bandwidth to work on?

  • owner

Hi @shanekenyon Thank you for the interest in this product and glad you like the look of it. As speaking of nuxt, this template won't work out of the box with nuxt-community template because it's based on Vue CLI 3 but can be adjusted to work with nuxt. In terms of code changes there are 2 plugins that have to be slightly modified so it works with SSR. You can follow this issue for the exact changes needed Regarding your last question, if more people will ask for a nuxt version, we will try to provide one but until then I could only provide help and insight on what changes have to be done so it works with nuxt. Hope this helps.
7 days ago

singhkingsea 7 days ago

Hmm.. you guys raised the price overnight. I guess I will look for other options.


@singhkingsea can you please give us more details about the price? We had a campaign for easter with 30% discount. Is that what you've been looking for? Otherwise, we didn't change the price since the launch of the product 1 month ago. Best, Alex!
6 days ago

singhkingsea 5 days ago

@alexpaduraru - Yes that is what I meant. Also, I would suggest that it would be a good idea for you guys to add your UI kits to NPM if possible. It will be much easier to integrate them with composer based frameworks such as Laravel.

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