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Vue Now UI Dashboard PRO

Vue Now UI Dashboard PRO

Premium Bootstrap 4 Vuejs Admin Template
· 4.90/5 (31 Reviews)


Premium Support
6 months Updates
Release: 1 year ago
Update: 3 months ago

160 Handcrafted Elements

17 Customized Plugins

27 Example Pages

Bootstrap Based


Fully Responsive

Product certified by: Creative Tim

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Github Docs FAQ Page

  • downloaded
2 months ago

Hello @cristi.jora so can i upgrate to get PSD files ?

  • owner

Hi @yuriyhein Please open a contact support request and one of our colleagues will help you with that.
1 month ago

  • downloaded
1 month ago

I purchased this, but I'm not seeing the sketch files included in the download.

  • owner

Hi @donlivingston exc](q:_GnXyruFcks09A) There are multiple types of versions whe you buy a product (html and html +psd). If you bought html + psd you should be able to download the psd files as well. If you bought the simple html version then you don't have access to the psd files but you can upgrade by opening a contact support request here
1 month ago

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